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We are very glad to announce that TokenClub now supports BSC network, and will upgrade the withdrawal system at Feb 17 12:30 PM. Due to TokenClub app updating, the current withdrawal requests will be canceled. Users will need to re-submit withdrawal requests. Please be aware of the following:

1. Currently TokenClub only supports withdrawing TCT token on Binance Smart Chain. Please make sure that the address you withdraw is your Binance account address or Binance Smart Chain address(BEP20 address)

2. Do NOT withdraw your TCT token to any other exchanges through Ethereum network,(e.g. OKEx account, Gate.io account or any other exchanges). For the safety of your funds, please double-check that you are withdrawing your TCT to binance.com, or the network you use is BSC, NOT Ethereum. Any mistaken transfers due to wrong network will NOT be recovered, users will take the consequences and responsibilities of their own actions.

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