IOST’s NFT Marketplace continues to show new features: Users can now create original avatars and arts and sell user-created cryptographic art contents in CROSSLINK game

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Cryptographic art as art content traded on the blockchain is currently booming, with NFT cryptographic art sales trading at 557.5 ETH (roughly 1 million US dollars). According to the art analytics platform, the total volume of non-substitutable token (NFT) artwork traded reached a record high of $8.2 million in December 2020.

NFT is gaining recognition as a new technology to protect artists by proving the authenticity of their artwork and creations. NFT is also expected to protect intellectual property rights, such as immaterial objects, giving creators a certain period of time to protect their rights.

Start selling user-created cryptographic content in CrossLink

Users can now sell their originally created cryptographic art content in the blockchain game Crosslink.

With this, CrossLink will accelerate its business development in the area of cryptographic art. User-created cryptographic content will be displayed in the game, and the user who created it will also receive revenue, creating a revenue model that differs from existing games.

The avatar parts will be converted to NFT and will be sold on TOKENLINK, the NFT market by IOST, aiming for a synergistic effect of game x blockchain x cryptographic art.

Wallet Compatibility

NFT Marketplace now compatible with TOKENPOCKET and Jetstream
TOKENLINK, the marketplace where you can buy and sell NFT items in the Cross Link games, is now compatible with TOKENPOCKET and Jetstream so that you can use it easily from your smartphone or other devices.

TOKENPOCKET is a mobile wallet for iPhone and Android that can handle IOST and has a built-in browser for handling Dapps and other applications.

About Jetstream
It is an IOST wallet Chrome browser plug-in that supports Japanese and is popular among IOST developers.

We will incorporate elements that will enable the development of various businesses within the game from the design stage, and aim to develop a completely new business that has never been seen before through various connections between the virtual space and the real space.

About Platinum Egg
An application development company specializing in games and entertainment that develops CROSSLINK and TOKENLINK. The company provides consulting services for blockchain implementation in the gaming domain.

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