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Bridge Oracle mainnet services coming soon 🚀🚀🚀!!!
Bridge Oracle is the first ever public oracle system on Tron network which has been developed to provide the ability to accessing off-chain resources within smart contracts.

By using Bridge_Oracle, smart contract developers can infuse real-world data and create real-world connected DApps and DAOs on the Tron network. Users of BridgeOracle should pay a small amount fee for receiving services. Users can pay via two various payment methods containing native coin of the network in which users want to implement Bridge Oracle into their smart contract and Bridge Oracle’s native token, BRG. (Paying with BRG token for services includes a significant discount.)

Project aims to fulfill the gap between various blockchains with each other and with outside real world. As soon as possible Bridge Oracle will start connecting various platforms to create a decentralized global world.

BRG, the native token of Bridge Oracle system has already been listed in most famous exchanges like KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC, BW, PoloniDex, USwap, JustSwap, TronTrade, etc., which may be traded directly to BTC, USDT and TRX.

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