Elon Musk produced a techno track about NFTs he’s selling as an NFT

I’m selling this song about NFTs as an NFT

Elon Musk is getting in on the NFT gold rush by selling a new electronic music track he’s apparently produced as an NFT. Yes, you’ve heard that right — it’s a song about non-fungible tokens, which Musk appears to have minted (or plans to mint) on the blockchain. Musk did not include a link to the NFT, so it’s not clear if it’s already live or if Musk plans to initiate the sale at a later date. It’s also not clear on which platform Musk intends to sell the NFT.

We also don’t know if the song has a name, but we have some clues. The looping video attached to the song Musk posted to Twitter on Monday displays the words “Vanity Trophy” orbiting around a golden orb affixed to the top of a literal trophy reading “HODL,” short for the phase “hold on for dear life.”

The HODL acronym, though it’s believed to have potentially originated as a drunken misspelling of the word “hold,” is both online slang and a kind of rallying cry for the bitcoin community, because it ostensibly encourages crypto enthusiasts not to sell their tokens. It’s worth noting here that Musk is a huge proponent of bitcoin. Tesla invested $1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency last month and plans to accept it as form of payment for its electric vehicles in the future.

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