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Beam News

This last week came with it an update to the infamous BEAM.MW website. Both visual and behind the scenes. The fresh look and feel should be easily accessible and manageable by both new and old Beamers.

Key website updates:

  • Home page
    Updated to better visually represent Beam, and what is being built out, not only representing a privacy coin, but an ecosystem of confidential DeFi.
  • Downloads page
    Now with “recommended” download, for those new to Beam, and less familiar with Crypto. The downloads page now comes with a TLDR on what is new in the latest release!
  • SEO friendly
    The site has been made more SEO friendly through both the use of keywords and the formatting used
  • Simplified menus
    General updates to make navigating the site easier and take people where they want to be
  • Confidential DeFi
    Give people the information on BeamX, and the confidential DeFi ecosystem that is possible with the coming FF 6.0 release.

The website upgrade has been a joint and ongoing effort by many in the team, to bring it more up to speed with the development taking place. Work on the site is a continuous work in progress, so let us know if you have any feedback or things that you would like to see.

Beam Harfork Wen!?

The Hardfork to enable smart contracts both in the Beam Node and in the Wallet is planned for around the end of May. Wanna guess the HF height and get rewarded by BEAMs? Tweet your guess with BEAM BEAMHF3 and your wallet offline address: 100 BEAM will be distributed to the closest guessers!!

Research and Development

Moving towards the 6.0 Hardfork, with the blockheight to be announced in the coming weeks. This will also act as a one month (+) heads up, to allow exchanges, pools, miners, and most importantly users, to upgrade prior to the fork, with smooth sailing there after. The POW algo will remain BeamHashIII, so miners will simply need to update wallets and nodes to keep on hashing on.

The bridge to Ethereum is coming post Hardfork. You can track the progress yourself on GitHub, and They will keep you updated as it comes closer to fruition. Stay tuned!

Regression testing for the FF 6.0 release should begin in the coming few weeks, to set the final stage before Mainnet release.

Beam Community

As we lead up to the Hardfork, we will be spreading more awareness of what is to come with it. Show some love and retweets at them to spread the word, and help bring onboard new Beamers!


  • Some fresh Beam art on Twitter, helping spread the word on privacy
  • A great breakdown on BOC and RAYS from the beautiful Scarlet
  • An excellent thread guide to getting up to speed with BOC
  • Wicked initiative to take Beam art to insta, by Beam Whale
  • CAs are Live on Beam Butler!!! I repeat, CAs are live! That means $RAYS can be tipped, enveloped, and sent via the Beam Butler Telegram Bot. Who will be first to see
    Props to the great Vsnation for making it happen!
  • The first round of BOC voting starts today, and will last 3 days. Be sure to vote on the activities that are up!
  • A more in-depth update on Beam Outreach is coming, and will be shared later this week.

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