From 2021-04-02 0:00 AM (UTC), Binance Liquid Swap will fully support BNB Yield Farming (earn up to 10% APY) and provide a trading fee discount program to VIP users:

  • Fully support BNB yield farming

The previous interest distribution method will be fully replaced by BNB yield farming. BNB yield farming returns will be calculated on an hourly basis and can be claimed at any time.

  • VIP Users Trading Fee Discounts
VIP TierTrading FeeDiscount Trading Fee
VIP 00.1%0.1%(no discount)
VIP1 – VIP30.08%0.064%(20% off)
VIP4 – VIP60.07%0.049%(30% off)
VIP7 – VIP90.06%0.036%(40% off)


  • Binance Liquid Swap is a non-principal-guaranteed product, so adding liquidity into the token-pair pools has certain risks;
  • When adding/removing funds, a certain swapping fee will be charged.

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