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Block.one’s official EOSIO Testnet

Ready to test your EOSIOHackathon project? Experiment in a sandbox running the latest stable release of EOSIO with their Testnet. 

  • Test on fully-featured EOSIO stable releases
  • Create test blockchain accounts in seconds
  • Best place to start learning EOSIO
  • Easy Account Management


Multi-node distributed network

You can test on the latest and most fully-featured EOSIO stable releases for close-to-production results. 

One-click blockchain account creation

Create blockchain accounts in seconds and use them to test user interactions with your applications, speeding up your development time.

Embedded EOSIO Explorer

EOSIO Testnet comes with a graphical dashboard to help you track how testers use your applications.

Real-world distributed network

Test on a multi-node network distributed around the world for maximum availability.


Snapshots included so you can sync EOSIO Testnet nodes quickly, ensuring high uptime for your development environment.


We have a team ready to support you as you learn EOSIO and test your applications.

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