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Anyone may earn ICE by obtaining delegation in an ICE Poker Wearable NFT and completing daily poker tasks in the Metaverse using Decentral Games’ play-to-earn ICE Poker. ICE Poker Beta opens today at around 4:30 AM with the genesis NFT mint. If one has invested 1 $DG in DG DAO Governance, they may mint for 0.1 ETH at decentral.games/ice/marketplace.

Here’s a reminder on how to play-to-earn using Decentral Games’ ICE Poker, followed by some examples of how this addition to our ecosystem benefits the Decentral Games DAO Treasury and $DG token holders.

Get Started

  • Step 1- Players can obtain an ICE Wearable NFT by purchasing or delegating one. These NFTs grant players a daily Chip allocation, which resets at midnight UTC. If the player uses more iced wearables, there is a good chance of getting more ICE.
  • Step 2: Players play Poker with Chips and accomplish daily tasks with them. The complexity of these daily objectives differs from seeing the flip 15 times to fully completing a straight two times. Daily challenges are assigned randomly to players, but participants are guaranteed to get one Easy, one Medium, and one Hard task.
  • Step 3: Players are rewarded with ICE tokens and XP. Players gain ICE tokens and XP for completing tasks, distributed daily at midnight. Their Chips’ performance on a given day affects their Leaderboard position and is multiplied by the earnings of the ICE multiplier of 0.5 to 1.5.
  • Step 4: Players update NFTs by burning ICE tokens, gaining XP, and depositing $DG. Players can upgrade to high-end wearables by burning ICE tokens. The iced wearable has five levels, and enhanced variables allow players to receive a bonus of ICE, making things simpler to acquire more ICE quicker.

The Ecosystem of ICE Play-to-Earn Poker and the Decentral Games

The Play-to-Earn is a vital Metaverse use case to date and created ICE Poker to provide the community with this EV-positive gameplay experience. ICE Poker’s inclusion in the Decentral Games ecosystem is expected to result in greater concurrent player counts, resulting in a more dynamic Metaverse experience and increasing the potential to grow and bring value towards Decentral Games DAO Treasury and token holders of $DG. It is done in different ways-

  • Mint Revenue- The Decentral Games DAO Treasury receives $ETH through ICE Wearable mints. The firm will allocate genesis NFTs to mint by addresses by 1 $DG staked towards governance.
  • Royalty Income: The Decentral Games DAO Treasury receives 4.9 percent secondary sales of ICE Wearable on OpenSea (in $WETH) and 2.5 percent of all ICE Wearable secondary sales at the Decentraland market.
  • $DG Utility: $DG Players must stake and possess $DG to participate and benefit from the ICE Poker ecosystem. $DG is charged for every part of ICE Wearable activation (0.5 $DG) and upgrade (0.1 $DG).

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