As They strive to improve our services for users as well as bring more liquidity to our exchange, WazirX is now looking for Market Markers globally. We wish to invite top-tier liquidity providers to WazirX Market Maker Program.

If your 30-day trading volumes exceed $5 Million USDT (or can achieve volumes of$5 Million USDT) and have quality market maker strategies, you can immediately join our Market Maker Program. Market Makers can enjoy trading fee reductions and more benefits.

Market Maker Program:

  1. The program is limited spots marketson,with a specific “Market Maker Pair List” where you are scored.
  2. WazirX will periodically update the Market Maker Pair List.
  3. Market Makers will be given a composite score based on their performance across the various pairs.
  4. Market Maker fees are assigned based on the score rankings.

The composite score will be calculated taking into account, among other factors:

Maker Volumes
Weight adjustment on specific pairs

Benefits for Market Makers:

Priority resolution for support queries
Priority tech support
Reduced fees on WazirX

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