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SuperRare is listed on WazirX and you can buy, sell, trade $RARE in the USDT market.

RARE/USDT trading is live on WazirX!

What about RARE Deposits & Withdrawals?

SuperRare is a part of our Rapid Listing Initiative. Hence, we will start RARE trading by enabling its deposits on WazirX via Binance.

What does it mean for you?

  • Deposits — You can deposit RARE  from Binance wallet to WazirX.
  • Trading — You can buy, sell, trade RARE in our USDT market. When you buy RARE, it will appear in your “Funds”.
  • Withdrawals — You will be able to withdraw RARE in a few days after the listing.

About RARE

SuperRare is a premier NFT platform, boasting almost $90M of digital art collected and $3M in artist royalties paid to date. SuperRare 2.0 introduced web-scale curation, independently running storefronts on the platform, and sovereign minting contracts for the artists to mint, promote, and sell their works directly to collectors.

By embarking on this path of progressive decentralization, SuperRare shifted ownership and governance of the network to the community. SuperRare 2.0 is a DAO, a decentralized organization that oversees key platform parameters, allocates funds from the Community Treasury, and votes on proposed improvements to the network and protocol.

  • Trading price (at the time of writing): $1.90 USD
  • Global Market Cap (at the time of writing): $193,458,156 USD
  • Global Trading Volume (at the time of writing): $53,248,531 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 101,756,228.00 RARE
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 RARE

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