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The Iran Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association has begun operations under the auspices of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mining, and Agriculture. Association board member Mohammad Reza Sharafi, made the statement in an interview with the Way2pay website, expressing hope that the organization will remove barriers to crypto firms and use blockchain technology for the national good.

Iran Launches its First Official Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association

“There is a range of difficulties relating to the development of creative technology in Iran,” he added, “and concerted efforts have been made to maximize the benefits of this sector for the economy. He said,

“We need to work closely to ensure the use of the potential of the technology without monopolizing it.”

The ICCIMA granted Sharafi permission to organize the society last year. However, it was postponed due to several factors, including the change of government.

Working under ICCIMA oversight, Sharafi believes, provides an opportunity to address significant industry concerns, particularly in terms of legislation.

“The ICCIMA can assist us in advocating for the rights of Iranian innovators around the world,” he said, pointing to the ConsenSys Academy’s recent decision to remove 50 Iranian students from its online courses owing to unilateral US economic sanctions.

Despite having completed most of their courses, Iranian students were told in mid-November through email from ConsenSys. Suspension implies the students will not receive their completion certificates.

According to the email, “a recent examination of our data shows that you indicated that you are situated in a country to which we are forbidden from supplying goods or services under US law.”

Newly – Inaugurated Organization is the First ICCIMA-Affiliated Society

The newly formed organization is the first ICCIMA-affiliated society to focus on Iran’s blockchain ecosystem.

A member of parliament, Rahim Zare, has accused “local NGOs interested in cryptocurrency” of transferring foreign funds to other countries. He didn’t present any proof.

The IBA vehemently refuted the allegations, claiming that their entire focus was on promoting blockchain technology. “One of IBA’s goals is to inform the public and authorities about dangerous websites and [possible] fraud instances.”

The Iran Blockchain Community was founded in 2017 as a non-profit, self-governing organization of entrepreneurs, experts, specialists, and activists interested in fast-rising technology. Following claims that the IBA had violated its articles of association, the Interior Ministry suspended it in June.

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