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MEXC — a high performance exchange known for mega transaction matching technology — has joined the revolution to make crypto easier to use by entering into a strategic partnership with the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) for a full integration of the FIO Protocol.

This partnership will bring an even more streamlined user experience to MEXC’s more than 6 million+ global users, and help continue to support MEXC’s reputation as a highly-performant and user-friendly exchange.

📣 FIO Protocol 🔥 x MEXC ✅

With full integration of the FIO Protocol, MEXC users will be able to create their own custom FIO Crypto Handle — a human-readable wallet name (ex. name@MEXC) that can be used to send, receive, or request any type of crypto peer-to-peer, streamlining crypto usability and eliminating the risk of loss-making errors that come with potential mistakes in copying and pasting long-string public wallet addresses.

MEXC users who claim their FIO Crypto Handle will be able to nearly eliminate the possibility of sending cryptocurrency to the wrong public address or blockchain, and will also be able to enjoy the additional FIO Protocol features:

  • FIO Send & Receive: easily send and receive any token or coin in the MEXC Wallet using a FIO Crypto Handle, instead of copy and pasting complex public addresses
  • FIO Request: quickly request payment in any token or coin from another user’s FIO Crypto Handle, instead of exchanging public addresses and waiting for the payer to send funds
  • FIO Data: clearly keep track of each transaction’s purpose by including a fully-encrypted memo (e.g. “Repayment for tacos!”, invoice data, order ID, hashes of or references to off-chain data, timestamps, etc.), instead of trying to remember or manually recording this information

Additionally, MEXC will list the FIO Protocol token ($FIO) on its platform with the following trading pairs: FIO/BTC, FIO/ETH, and FIO/USDT. MEXC users will be able to deposit, trade and withdraw FIO at the time of listing and start to claim their custom FIO Crypto Handle (ex. name@MEXC).

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