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National Football League (NFL) star Dez Bryant’s athlete-focused platform Personal Corner has integrated Chainlink Sports data feeds into its landmark series of dynamic NFTs that will change based on a specific athlete’s statistics, such as touchdowns, interceptions, tackles, sacks, and more.

Founded by the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Personal Corner acts as a ‘one-stop platform’ for all personally branded items to help athletes and influencers build their image brand in both the physical and digital space.

The platform’s Series 1 dynamic NFT collection will include NFL stars such as Trevon Diggs, Maxx Crosby, Von Miller, and Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown.

“Aside from my love of innovation, gaming, and artistry, I see an opportunity for connection via NFTs and an avenue to build community with those that support us the most throughout our careers. I believe many other athletes feel similarly,”

Dez Bryant

Bryant believes dynamic NFTs could change the way athletes build relationships with their fans, providing a more engaging medium than static physical collectibles. In fact, the real-world data connects fans to real-world rewards; for example, a dynamic NFT that tracks an athlete’s touchdowns would automatically upgrade when a specific milestone is met and enter NFT holders into a raffle to win future event tickets or autographed memorabilia.

“At the end of the day, an athlete’s in-game stats matter, and that’s exactly why we’re using Chainlink Sports Data Feeds. By upgrading NFTs based on player statistics, the foundation of Personal Corner’s NFTs will be rooted in what fans care most about: the sport and connection,” added Bryant.

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