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स्विस बैंक के CEO का कहना है कि बिटकॉइन 2022 में $ 75,000 तक पहुंच सकता है |

Swiss Bank SEBA CEO Guido Buehler says his firm’s models see Bitcoin rising to $75,000 in 2022.

Bitcoin presently trades up at $43,113 at press time, after a rebound from earlier lows of $39,650. Bitcoin remains down 37.49% from all-time highs of $69,000 attained on Nov. 10, 2021.

We believe the price is going up, our internal valuation models indicate a price right now between $50,000 and $75,000, I’m quite confident we are going to see that level. The question is always timing

CEO told CNBC at the Crypto Finance Conference in Switzerland on Wednesday.

Asked on what might drive the Bitcoin price up, the SEBA Bank CEO says institutional investors will help to boost the price of Bitcoin in 2022.

“Institutional money will probably drive the price up,” he said. “We are working as a fully regulated bank. We have asset pools that are looking for the right times to invest.”

The CEO believes that Bitcoin could retest the $69,000 all-time high but emphasizes that volatility will remain high.

Analysts hint at Bitcoin price reversal

Cryptoanalyst Will Clemente notes, ”Bitcoin entering the Buy Zone on Dormancy Flow. This bottoming signal has only flashed 5 times before in Bitcoin’s history.”

Dormancy in this context describes the average number of days each coin transacted remained dormant, not moving. The higher the dormancy, the older the coins transacted that day are on average, and the more old hands are releasing their Bitcoins into circulation.

As bearish pressure wanes, BTC/USD pushes for a green day to justify the bullish dragonfly Doji candlestick formed on the daily chart on Jan. 10.

Overall, BTC seems to be finding its footing just above the $43K zone, preserving its bullish tone.

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