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Unstoppable Domains, the most popular NFT domain naming service on web3 has announced the global launch of ‘Login With Unstoppable’, for users to log into Web2 and Web3 apps using their unique NFT domain as a username. The launch comes just three months after the service went into beta test mode.

Login with Unstoppable allows users to choose a unique username in the form of an NFT domain (e.g. yourname.crypto), with these domains being completely user-owned, unlike traditional emails and logins, where companies can snoop in and sell a customers’ data. The objective behind the latest service is to provide a single sign-on experience for blockchain-based web3 apps and will replace the need for usernames and passwords across Web3.

Any applications built on the Ethereum or Polygon can now integrate ‘Login with Unstoppable’ with over 50 companies that have already integrated their Web3 apps including gaming apps Drakons, MegaCryptoPolis, Farsite, and ChainGuardians; Metaverse app Parcel, NFT projects Deadheads, and The Radiant Society, DeFi projects Cook Finance, DeHive, GoodGhosting, Pruf, SonikChain, WSBDapp, Saddle Finance, and Float.capital; and IP company EducationNFT.

Matthew Gould, Founder, and CEO of Unstoppable Domains, argues that Web3 needs a better onboarding experience, and this foundational layer for digital identity is fundamental for our customers and partners in achieving this mission:

“Login with Unstoppable provides a foundation for digital identity in the Web3 era by allowing people to carry a unique username across wallets, apps, services, games, and the metaverse. NFT domains now become a unique internet identifier that can be used as a login with Web3 superpowers.”

So far, Unstoppable Domains has some 2 million registered domains in 10 domain extensions including .crypto, .nft, .wallet, .dao and more.

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