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ChainSwap is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Biconomy, aims to make web3 products as intuitive and easy to use as legacy web2 products.They are on a mission to simplify Web 3 experiences that will drive mass adoption.ChainSwap is currently working on the integration of Hyphen with its Cross-chain Aggregator.

ChainSwap’s Cross-chain Aggregator platform aims to integrate all user-friendly cross-chain solutions and allows users to enjoy the margin of these projects combined through the unified interface that we provide, thus making the cross-chain experience more convenient and effective.

Hyphen, as a key product in Biconomy’s ecosystem, is a great match for ChainSwap’s Cross-chain Aggregator. Hyphen is the missing cross-chain superhighway infrastructure that will unify the multi-chain world into a seamlessly connected ecosystem. Hyphen solves the critical problem of fragmented & isolated L2s by enabling almost instantaneous cross-chain value transfers. Thus, the end user enjoys the network & composability of Ethereum as well as cheaper & faster transactions of layer 2s.

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