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Dapper Labs, the firm behind Flow blockchain and NBA topshot has become the first NFT company to federally register to lobby with the US government. The company now joins a growing list of crypto personalities/companies looking to influence Congress with crypto-friendly regulatory policies.

According to the announcement, Dapper Labs recruited PR company Crossroad Strategies as their lobbying firm. Crossroad stated that it would lobby for ‘policy related to NFTs, blockchain and financial services.’

The NFT firm even hired Alison Kutler as its new head of government affairs in October 2021 to help with its lobbying affairs. Before joining Dapper Labs, Kutler was the chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau and special advisor to the chairman of the FCC between June 2015 and April 2017. Kutler has also registered to lobby on behalf of Dapper Labs and will now work together with the company on lobbying with the US government.

NFTs have become increasingly popular in the world of politics. US congressional candidates have even taken to selling digital tokens for campaign fundraising and donor exclusivity.

Even Melania Trump recently launched NFTs for donors to collect ‘rare and limited-edition pieces while benefiting children in the foster care community.’ Similarly, political action committee HODLpac is planning to sell NFT membership cards or campaign pins.

Beyond the United States, a South Korean 2022 presidential candidate recently announced the issuing of NFTs as recipients to his election donors. The campaign will accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and one of three other cryptocurrencies under review.

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