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Before 2020, online games were only seen as a feature just for dorks and nerds. As 2020 had all of us stuck in the house for most of the year, everyone looked for different ways to ease the boredom of staying at home all day. Many people explored different options such as reading books, making fun videos on social media and several other things that trended in 2020.

One of the fun activities people got involved in as they were stuck at home was online gaming. As the years have passed, different types and genres of online games have been developed. We have the famous traditional ones such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Grand Theft Auto and many more. However, there has also been a deviation from the norm that is traditional gaming.

As a result of the surge in people’s interest in crypto and related concepts, Cryptocurrency and Metaverse games have also gained traction. Now, they are one of the trending gaming topics, alongside NFTs and all the major crypto tokens of these games. There are so many gaming projects on the blockchain, and they mostly work under the play-to-earn paradigm, the Metaverse and the GameFi applications.

There are many new projects being released into the Metaverse. Although some of them are sub-par, there are always going to be incredible projects and games. That’s why this article is giving you a list of metaverse and gaming projects to look out for in 2022. Trust me, the projects listed below are filled with loads of thrills, excitement, fun and some more thrills.

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Planet IX: Have you ever wondered how many projects will have to be created actually to make the world a better place? Have you ever tried to understand the sustainable environment concept, but you realised that you need something practical? Did you know that you can learn the principles of a sustainable environment while having fun and earning alongside? Well, now you do! You are definitely trying to understand how this is even possible.

The answer is Planet IX! Planet IX is a strategy and trading game that involves a virtual world. This game acts as a metaverse, the connection between the virtual world and the real world. In this way, the game connects real-life geographical locations to the spaces generated by the users on the game’s interface. Planet IX has a game interface that’s a virtual representation of our real world on a scale of 1:1.

Playing this game involves the trading of pieces of land called PIX. The PIX is the in-game asset, and NFT that represents a 10m by 10m hexagonal piece of land. The PIXs can be bought, sold and developed into more valuable pieces of land and territories with buildings and infrastructures. This game is played in different levels which keeps on increasing as the game goes higher. The game helps its players earn while building their own city and solving climate problems that we face in our real world. With these features, this game definitely shows a lot of promise to grow.

RMRK: One thing with this crypto project is that it can be quite confusing as it seems complex because the game’s scope is quite large. However, this RMRK is a project that’s built on the Kusama blockchain, which is the canary network of Polkadot. This project is designed to allow its users to combine the game’s NFT Legos in a bid to build an arbitrarily complex system.

With this project, the users get the chance to combine building NFT blocks. As a result, an NFT Lego can own another NFT and also upgrade through the combination of NFTs. This is very new in the crypto space, and many people have picked an interest in this project.

RaceFiIf you’re a lover of games such as Need For Speed, Asphalt Nitro and other racing games, then this project is the one for you. RaceFi is an intense NFT automobile racing ecosystem that gives the players the chance to race and also buy portions of the game and get to earn. In order to fulfil the play to earn paradigm of the game, all the parts of the game that can be bought are all NFTS.

There are so many possibilities to be explored with this game. There are pure races, battle races, PvE, PvP and also the chance to either race or gamble on other racers. This game has many features that racing game lovers will like, such as awards for high ranking racers, upgrades for cars with battle add on for battle modes, and the chance to win experience points.

Rainmaker: This project is a stock and cryptocurrency fantasy game project. The developers of this game made it with the aim to teach and also bring all the stock, equity and crypto market enthusiasts to play blockchain games against one another on a single platform. Rainmaker is one of the very first fantasy trading platforms that perform solely on a fantasy online gaming principle that follows user incentives. The game also uses data from analyses, events, real-time stock fluctuations, crypto markets and also real-time exchange data.

This project is built on the basis of Game-of-Skill that’s defined by legal precedents and has also been verified by reputable gaming law firms. With this gaming project, you get the chance to learn how to earn money from the cryptocurrency and stock markets while having fun playing an online fantasy game that teaches you great trading strategies.

There are so many NFT games coming up every day. Creatives are working alongside game developers to come up with the next big NFT and Metaverse crypto game. The year 2021was filled with the rise of games such as Axie Infinity, The SandBox and many more. These gaming projects are spectacular, yes. However, there are more gaming projects to come that’ll blow your mind in 2022. Planet IX is one of them, and you should make sure not to miss out on the promising investment and fun that this gaming project has in store for the entire world!

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