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If recent directives are any indication from Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President, then it appears that Turkey is increasingly interested in the Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

Turkey President Urges the Study of Metaverse

Earlier this week, President Erdogan, under his chairmanship met with the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and had an engaging discussion about the metaverse; with the President urging for in-depth research on this particular subject.

President instructed party officials to understand metaverse and organize a forum that he’d attend as well. The forum would mainly aim at metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and the procedure of the purchases made on social media.

Ömer Çelik, AK Party Spokesperson and former Turkish Minister of European Union Affairs elucidated that several issues affect people’s lives and the economy. He further stated,

“When all these issues are discussed, it will be seen that there are some threats as well as benefits. All of these need to be regulated legally. The president has also given instructions regarding the study of the legal infrastructure of these issues.”

At the meeting held this week, party leader Erdogan instructed AK Party members ‘to research the phenomenon with significant ramifications for the future.’

Ömer Çelik also hoped to follow the metaverse and cryptocurrencies, he added:

“A forum will be held in the near future under the chairmanship of our president. The technological, philosophical, political, and economic dimensions of these concepts will be comprehensively discussed.”

Mustafa Elitaş, the chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey also added,

“I believe that metaverse-based meetings would be improved expeditiously and become an essential part of our lives.”

Metaverse Gains Popularity in Turkey

With more than 11,000 virtual lands across Istanbul having been recently sold on OVR – an Augmented Reality platform for the Metaverse creation has the ambition to merge physical and virtual worlds.

In the meeting, AK Party Information and Communication Technologies President Omer Ileri stated,

“As blockchain technology has enabled digital ownership, Turkey has accelerated its Metaverse efforts. The Metaverse is open to development in virtual reality, product management, and innovative business model.”

Although the Turkish government has been insisting on learning more about blockchain technology, metaverse, and cryptocurrencies, Erdogan is also infamous for his harsh differences against cryptocurrencies.

In the year 2020, President Erdogan declared war against cryptocurrencies, with a hard and clear implication of having no interest in applying digital currencies in the country.

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