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The cryptocurrency market remains pessimistic, with the great majority of assets trading in the red; nevertheless, interest in Shiba Inu (SHIB) does not appear to have diminished, with the asset even attracting new investors.

In fact, as of May 10, the dog meme cryptocurrency has gathered over 15,000 holders in less than a month; however, since then, SHIB has had even more impressive results, accumulating over another 15,000 in less than a week. On May 10, according to information gathered, there were 1,146,848 Shiba Inu owners. On May 16, however, the total number of meme token holders was 1,161,805, which was 43 shy of the 15,000 mark.

With 1,132,280 holders as of April 17, SHIB has attracted about 30,000 new holdings in the last month alone, indicating that more investors are buying the asset as its price declines.

Decline Market Cap of SHIB 

SHIB has had a significant price and market capitalization drops, which have become even more acute recently due to the global market downturn. To be more explicit, its total market value on April 16 was $6.66 billion, a loss of $7.46 billion, or 52.83 percent, compared to the $14.12 billion it had when the market value was evaluated on April 16. SHIB is now the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

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