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Pocket Network, a relay infrastructure middleware protocol, has announced a service integration that would increase NEAR blockchain network bandwidth while also allowing Web3 developers to deploy faster.

The latest integration with NEAR, according to Pocket Network, allows native developers to launch their applications on other supported blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Fuse, Avalanche, Harmony, and Polygon. NEAR developers can also avoid concerns about single points of failure owing to congestion or other service disruptions by integrating with many blockchains. Pocket Network seeks to provide full-node operators with revenue-generating opportunities by accepting payments in its in-house token Pocket Network (POKT) for network traffic service.

The NEAR ecosystem is projected to see reduced friction when connecting decentralized applications (DApps) via Pocket Portal, a layer-2 solution built on top of the Pocket Network protocol, thanks to Pocket Network’s integration autonomously allocating bandwidth and relays. Cameron Dennis, NEAR Foundation’s head of ecosystems, commented on the development:

“I’m thrilled NEAR developers will now have the opportunity to choose between Pocket Network’s decentralized network of RPC endpoints and other centralized solutions.”

Several major blockchains, such as Polygon and Fantom, stepped in to support Terra’s dying developer community by assisting them in migrating their services to other chains.

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