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Source Protocol Ltd is introducing a complete DeFi ecosystem across various chains that enables users to effortlessly borrow against their crypto assets and create passive earnings via lending, staking, liquidity pooling, etc.

Binance Smart Chain and its proprietary layer 1 smartchain, Source Chain, based in the Cosmos Hub, will debut Source’s initial product suite, “Source 1.0.” Source promises to drive the next generation of DeFi with its ever-evolving, all-encompassing ecosystem, suitable for beginners, experts, and companies alike.

Multiple Networks in One Hub: Starting with Binance Good Chain (BSC) and the Cosmos Hub, Source Protocol users will be able to trade assets and participate in DeFi function units across an ever-growing variety of crypto ecosystems.

Immediate Liquidity: Source users can use their crypto assets as collateral to borrow money without credit checks or lockup periods.

Earn Without Giving Up Control: Source Protocol uses smart contracts to allow consumers to profit from lending, staking, and liquidity pooling without giving up control of their crypto assets. Source Market is a non-custodial service that gives members complete control over their things.

Providing a Solvent, Self-Sustaining, and Secure Ecosystem: Source uses automated liquidity pool contributions derived from community charges to provide additional value and ensure greater security for its clients. These processes strengthen Source Market’s Complete Worth Backing (TVL), resulting in solvent progress with each transaction. Source Protocol will be able to support vast levels of liquidity and establish a presence in the most promising, environmentally friendly, and high-volume networks all inside a single, non-custodial DeFi Market utility by deploying on several chains.

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