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Wombat exchange took to its Twitter page to inform users of its partnership with Metasense DAO. Metasense DAO is the leading organization that supports top-tier Blockchain projects. The Wombat team claims that the partnership with Metasense would help it become better equipped to build the best stable swap in the world.

Wombat Exchange

Binance Labs has backed a multi-chain stable swap called Wombat Exchange. Stableswap is being re-engineered to be more user-friendly, more accessible, and more scalable. The open liquidity pool, single-sided staking, and little slippage distinguish Wombat Exchange from other stable swap exchanges. Their algorithm makes it possible to bet on only one side, has an open liquidity pool, and has less slippage.

Wombat Exchange has segregated liquidity pools. Its stringent balancing mechanism limits the amount of capital used. It, in turn, results in slippage and a reduction in interest income. Users have to pair stablecoins that aren’t as popular with 3pool tokens through table swaps. But, that will make staking too complicated for its users.

You can trade stablecoins and gain interest in Wombat through an easy-to-use UI that works with several blockchains. Wombat employs an asset-to-liability model to prevent slippage. But, that’ll be until they reach bigger transaction quantities and mitigate slippage when it occurs.

MetaSense DAO

Metasense is an investment group that includes the founders and co-founders of significant Blockchain initiatives and organizations. Binance Laboratories, A16z, Animoca Brands, Pantera, Coinbase, Jump Crypto, and others have listed Metasense’s council members on their platforms. Some even raised money from them to do so.

They recruit blockchain experts from all around the world. These project creators and funding institutions will build a DAO soon. Top-tier Blockchain projects benefit their community growth, funding, consultation, technical assistance, and listing. Metasense DAO is the ideal option if you are a high-ranking Blockchain industry figure.

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