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India has hit the number one spot when it comes to Play-to-Earn (P2E). 34% of Indian respondents of a new survey say they’ve played a P2E game.

NFT gaming is also popular in Hong Kong (29%) and the UAE (27%).

At the other end of the table, Sweden has only 4% of surveyees saying they dabbled in NFT games. France (6%) also has low uptake so far.

This is all according to Finder’s NFT Gaming Adoption Report. Finder.com polled 43,312 people in 26 countries.

India first, Hong Kong Second

Keegan Francis is Finder’s cryptocurrency editor. He said P2E adoption in Hong Kong is already twice the global average of 14%. And he thinks it is set to grow.

“An additional 8% of Hong Kongers plan to use a P2E NFT game by the end of the year, meaning adoption could soon reach 36%. In Hong Kong, men are more likely to participate in P2E than women. 31% of men said they have played-to-earn compared to 27% of women – a gap of 4 percentage points.”

Other Countries

While India and Hong Kong jostle for first place, another contender moving up the charts is the UAE (27%). And then, with only two percentage points in the difference, is the Philippines (25%).

Finder say their report reveals that, “P2E is on the rise globally, with adoption set to grow 10% on average.”

Says Francis, “For new gamers there are a number of platforms to choose from, each with different mechanics. Some are free to play while others like Axie Infinity require an initial investment. If you are interested in a game but can’t afford the entry cost, for example Axie NFTs that are required to play, you might want to consider a Guild. Guilds allow players, known as scholars, to play a game like Axie Infinity for free by lending you the required NFTs and you are then usually entitled to a share of the earnings while the remainder goes to the guild.”

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