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The Solana blockchain is back up and running following a shutdown of more than four hours, the latest in a series of outages of the network in less than a year. According to data from Solana Beach block explorer, Solana’s validators did not process new blocks for nearly four and half hours, causing a total shutdown of all of its applications. The official Twitter account of Solana Status also tweeted about the incident on Wednesday at 10:26 PM.

To fix the latest outage, validators had to restart, following instructions linked from the same Twitter account, which later said the outage lasted four and a half hours.

Over the last year, Solana has suffered numerous outages and suffered from block congestion. Last September, the network was down for nearly 18 hours after being overwhelmed by transactions being sent to a DeFi protocol for a new token launch. More recently, on April 30, the network crashed after NFT minting bots (automated programs designed to game the launch of a new NFT project) overwhelmed Solana with a reported 6 million transactions per second. Most recently, on May 1, Solana froze up for several hours before it was similarly brought back online following a restart of its validator network.

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