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The world’s first digital currency for film and television, FilmCoin, debuts its NFT Collection on June 30. Each NFT will include stunning artwork by renowned artist Jim Wheat and a surprise opportunity, such as the chance to: Get Killed In A Film, Walk-On Part In A Film.

FilmCoin – New Film and Television Digital Currency

Jim Wheat, the creator of the wildly popular DollarSandArt, Heroes and Villains collection, and Terry Stone, SVP of Production at FilmCoin, are the minds behind this eagerly awaited NFT collaboration. Five important characters from FilmCoin’s upcoming film Tales from The Trap will be featured in Jim Wheat, and FilmCoin’s limited-edition NFT Drop “GrimeGorilla$.” A new coin called FilmCoin seeks to enable moviegoers to contribute to the cost of the films they wish to watch. They can also submit their names for roles in upcoming movies.

Already in Use: FilmCoin

Darkhorse is a production company that is already utilizing the coin. They claim to be the world’s first digital film and television production studio to use blockchain technology. By streamlining the process and “trimming the fat” to optimize profit potential with rapid money collection and dissemination, they have “developed a novel and interesting approach to finance movies.”

The objective is to upend the current state of the international film business. NFTs about the movies and the music heard in them will also be made available by the studio. They will have unlockable real-world uses, such as the highly sought-after red carpet events, meet and greets, and VIP access to in-development film sets. All NFTs will be automatically connected to secondary markets like Opensea and Rarible and have real value.

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