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John Bollinger, the founder of Bollinger Bands, an indicator for technical analysis, said that he is interested in trading on Binance.US after the platform recently implemented zero-fees on Bitcoin (BTC) spot pairs.

Founder on Bollinger Bands Appreciates Binance.US

On Saturday, John Bollinger, an American asset manager, and technical analyst tweeted that he is “interested” to try out Binance.US after the platform recently introduced Zero-fees trading on Bitcoin (BTC) pairs.

The move by the platform, according to him, could disrupt crypto trading. He also noted that Binance’s US arm could even expand its offering toward other cryptocurrencies in the coming future.

“Looks like #Binance wants to disrupt crypto trading by offering no-fee trading on $BTCUSD with more tokens to follow. This should be interesting. I think I will try it out,” Bollinger wrote in his tweet.

Binance.US Implements Zero-fee Bitcoin Trading

Earlier this week, Binance.US announced that it was offering zero-fee trading with spot bitcoin pairs. This includes Bitcoin trades for the three top stablecoins, namely USDT, USDC, and BUSD.

The move by the platform is an impactful but arguably counterintuitive decision for a company whose business model relies on such charges, considering the high volumes of Bitcoin and USDT traded on most days.

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