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P2E.Game, a GameFi and NFT Information Aggregation Platform has recently launched Beta Version and optimized its Launchpad section.

P2E.Game Has Upgraded its Platform

According to an official press release from today, P2E.Game has upgraded its platform which includes the release of a new beta version after several rounds of testing. It has also optimized an innovative launchpad section, for new blockchain games to be launched.

Additionally, the platform has also launched a new product called E2E (Email To Earn) to resolve the problems of imprecise user groups and wasted marketing expenses by bonding projects with users through a more effective Web3-style marketing.

P2E.Game has also installed a new Spotlight section to help investors and players to find upcoming GameFi projects with data such as range, entry price, and total raise number. The platform also introduces a P2E score based on a specific algorithm that indicates whether a project is of high quality or not.

One-Stop Aggregation Platform

P2E.Game includes a one-stop aggregation platform for NFT and GameFi that integrates the four sections of Launchpad, Game Library, NFT aggregator, and News section.

Users of the platform can find scores and comparisons on different launch pads on the Launchpad, such as platform prices, market cap, TVL, trading volume, IDO project number, and ROI, making it efficient for the speedy crypto market.

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