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In an interview, the Director-General of Innovation of Catalonia, Daniel Macro, mentioned a few of the federal government’s critical efforts to make the area a digital hub. Innovation Minister’s feedback came through the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022.

Macro mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic over the previous two years has helped propagate the digital economic system, which is part of the central financial system. He quoted the instance of Europe, which has moved to digitize the vitality deal and several other digital offers.

SmartCatalonia Government Strategy in 2014

Daniel Macro assumed charge of the SmartCatalonia Government Strategy in 2014, managing the effort to establish Catalonia as a “Smart Country” of importance on the international stage. The minister aims to establish a digital economy modeled after the physical world, made possible by the development of blockchain technology and the metaverse. He disclosed that Cataverse, a Catalan metaverse, is being developed by the government.

Government Wishes to Turn Barcelona into a Digital Powerhouse

The minister of innovation for Catalonia clarified the government’s intentions to turn Barcelona into a digital powerhouse. He claimed that a lot would depend on skill, and the government had passed various laws and established university programs to foster that talent in the next generation. He added,

“We have very strong policies to generate talent that are from university but also we are skilling programs like boot camps and other activities a lot because we need different profiles.”

He continued by saying that the government is attempting to combine the two, i.e. develop new talent and draw in more companies with a welcoming workplace. The minister gave the examples of a few projects based on public transportation and a few projects centered on personal healthcare when asked about blockchain initiatives visitors can engage with in Barcelona.

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