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Solana wallets were hacked today for a million dollars. Cardano founder and blockchain developer Charles Hoskinson, who frequently makes scathing remarks about his competitor Solana, had the most partial opinion.

In response to the hack’s revelation, which has reportedly cost more than $10 million, Hoskinson tweeted a gif of a famous meme showing Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek movie star, face-palming. With a sarcastic statement that supports the image: “Smart Contract standards,” Hoskinson mocks Solana’s claims of being a smart contract expert.

The Solana And Cardano Rivalry

Everybody knows about the rivalry between Solana and Cardano, which is quite long. However, in this case, the supporters of each side did not want to hold back having an alternation on social media platforms.

Cardano supporters started arguing in an online debate about the superiority in terms of security and dependability of their favorite crypto platform. On the other hand, Solana fans immediately adopted a more direct strategy and started making disparaging remarks about their more subdued rival.

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