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Socios.com has decided to invest $100 million in football club FC Barcelona’s NFT, Metaverse, Web3 division called Barca Studios. Socios.com is completely devoted to the development of fan engagement tokens for sports organizations. This investment will redefine the division’s Metaverse and Web3 strategies to incorporate higher revenue streams.

Major Investment By Socios.com In The Metaverse

The sports clubs, to draw the attention of VC firms, are joining the metaverse. Socios.com designs engagement tools for fans of various sports clubs. Socios.com has decided to make a huge investment of $100 million in the digital business of football team FC Barcelona, Barca Studios. By making this investment, Socios.com will get a 24.5% stake in FC Barcelona’s digital division. After this announcement, the price of the official token of FC Barcelona ($BAR) has increased by almost 50% i.e. from $5 to $7.20.

Barca Studios will have the right to access its own Chilliz Chain. Chilliz chain is a brand new blockchain that gives access to developers to issue fan tokens, issue NFT, create DeFi products, and play-2-earn (P2E) games. The CEO of Socios.com, Alexandre Dreyfus said,

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