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Amid rising energy prices, the authorities of Kosovo have decided to ban crypto mining along with some other measures to provide adequate energy supplies to households and offices. The management took this action by observing a hike in import prices. The main motive is to protect the public interest and ensure optimum energy supply during winters.

Kosovo Reinstates Ban on Crypto Mining

The Kosovo government is planning steps over crypto mining as part of its strategy to ensure an ample supply of energy for the upcoming weeks and months.

The cabinet of ministers adopted these measures to support the nation’s grid operator and maintain its security and optimum electricity distributions across the country.

Other measures include prohibiting the use of electrical energy for digital currency production. These “emergency measures” are being taken by the government to ensure that all households can meet their heating needs. Last winter, certain industrial activities that required “high power” were put on hold when the partially recognized republic in Southeast Europe was facing shortages. The government of Kosovo says that they might ban the export of fossil materials from other European countries, resulting in a more significant price increase.

Main Purpose: Sufficient Energy Supply

These measures, including the ban on crypto mining, are decided for two months by the ministers. However, this can be extended to 180 days if there is a majority vote. The Kosovo authorities reveal that this ban on crypto mining is to ensure a sufficient energy supply during the upcoming winters in the country. Last year, when Kosovo imposed a similar cryptocurrency ban, the government seized illegal mining facilities and hardware during raids.

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